Windsurfing - Boracay

Windsurfing is especially popular in Boracay because it is a bit safer than kite-boarding and maybe a bit easier to learn. Of course, you won’t lose out on excitement as this sport is still nothing short of exhilarating. Tourists always choose Boracay as a great place to get away from the world and windsurfing only makes that easier as the final step onto the water when you leave that old world behind.

Visitors love the sport of windsurfing because you don’t have to fill up your surfboard at the pump or pay for a lift ticket on the slopes. It’s just you and the wide open sea when you lift your sail and ride on a wind and a prayer. Go ahead and give this activity a chance and you are going to experience the power and force of nature as she pushes you along the waves. You just can’t get that feeling of freedom from 3 cycle engine or a rusty old boat. This is nature at her best as you feel the power of that mighty wind pulling you along.

Many tourists fail to realize how windsurfers are also part of a special little club. There is a tight-woven camaraderie amongst these adventurers who love to sit out on the beach and talk about their personal experiences that day on the waves. Go ahead and spend some quality time with the family in the morning and wait for the best waves in the afternoon. You can even hoist your son or daughter on the board with you if you want. Looks like it’s going to be another great day in Boracay!

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  1. wow! andun din kami sa bora nung time na nagpunta ka nina. Sept 3-6 nga lang. saanyg di ko pa alam yung site mo noon. we stayed at boracay courtyard (1st timers eh). ok naman sa price and may promo sila nung time na yun pero di ko gusto yung lugar mismo. hindi mashado name-maintain ung cleanliness eh. we are planning to go back to bora May next year (family outing) and thanks to your blog may idea na ako where to stay. i already contacted Tans and Taj and their rates are quite competitive considering the place is located at stn 2. though try ko pa din mag-scout sa mga resorts that you mentioned.kudos nina! job well done!


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