Willy’s Rock


Willy's Rock - Boracay

Romantic visitors to Boracay will sometimes do nothing else but stare into each other’s eyes and lay on White Beach every day but they won’t be able to miss the most recognizable attraction on this island which is likely to be Willy’s Rock. This strange shaped volcanic formation sits about fifty feet of the shoreline of Station one and is topped by a native statue of the Virgin Mary. It is probably the most photographed place in Boracay because of its exotic appeal and the strange contrast to the calm sea around it. If you take your time and look at it closely, you will also see small bits of corals around the rock and various crabs and sea life that live amongst the cracks and crevices.

Opposite Willy’s Club Resort, you will likely see several Filipino children clambering up its few steps because this rock is very close to the shore and easily accessible to anyone with normal mobility. Vegetation also grows from it and gives it an even greater appeal. Only the upper portion can be seen after the tide goes up but the volcanic colors provide a spectacular view that is often displayed on postcards and paintings.

Filipino legend describes mermaids who often visit the rock at night and are said to permanently reside in the area. Other creatures known as ‘furies’ are also said to reside there and to worship the Virgin Mary Statue which sits perched there in a small grotto. There is no fee for visiting this rock and the natives are always happy to share their stories with any traveler. This legends will certainly make your stay more interesting in Boracay. For first time travelers to Boracay, Willy’s Rock will certainly be a symbol of the exotic nature of the Philippines and something you will want to share about after you have left this wonderful paradise.

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