White Beach


White Beach - Boracay

White Beach is the most popular area of Boracay Island and most activities take place here. It is divided into three sections or “Stations” where the boats will typically anchor along the sand. Many consider Station 1, near Discovery Shores to be the more luxurious or ‘high-end’ section of White Beach. Station 2 is found at the center, near Starbucks, the Red Coconut, and D Mall. Station 3 holds more of the bargain shopping as well as the more relaxed ‘anything goes’ attractions including Talipapa market and Summerwinds.

All along White Beach, you will find relaxing lawn chairs set out at the waters edge inviting passer-bys to sit down and enjoy one of the local resorts or restaurants. Watch the locals interact with the tourists and enjoy any number of activities from windsurfing to scuba diving. You can rent a chair simply by ordering a cold drink on the beach and the local owners will be happy to cater to you.

Of course, many locals find White Beach to be overly crowded during the busy season and will opt for other quieter areas on Boracay. Still, it is virtually impossible to avoid White Beach for any extended period of time since this is the central hub of Boracay and most transactions take place here and in D Mall.
At night, White Beach becomes especially attractive to tourists as the restaurants will decorate their tables on the beach with romantic candlelight or offer an all-you-can eat buffet full of local seafood. There are often shows on the weekends such as fire-dancing and juggling and many spots stay open all night long with party-goers dancing on the tables until morning. To really get a true taste of the real Boracay, you simply can’t miss White Beach.

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