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Tirta Spa - Boracay

In order to find the bargains in Boracay, you have to be willing to venture out to the more remote areas of the island. You have already come this far so why not go the final mile! Tirta SPA is located in an area known as Sitio Malabunot, Manoc-Manoc and you will have to make an effort to get there. Don’t think your efforts won’t be rewarded. This is a SPA treatment with all the powers of Mother Nature on her side.

First take a three-wheel tricycle from D-Mall or ask an employee of the SPA itself to instruct you on your travel adventure. When you arrive at this Indian treatment SPA, located in a stunning environment, you will be offered services at a very affordable price and you will know you made the right decision.

Situated atop a breathtaking hill, and overlooking the stunning coastline of Boracay, this diamond in the rough is a very large estate combining world-class comfort with a hidden rustic charm. Having gone the extra mile, you will know you have completed a worthwhile journey towards ultimate self-rejuvenation.

At Tirta SPA, visitors are able to reconnect with their own inner strength and embrace the healing power of an exotic getaway like Boracay. This is a place where many locals have never even seen and you will know your visit has been a special one after you arrive. Tirta SPA will awaken your senses to the soothing sounds of Boracay’s waters and serenade you to that inner sense of calm you always wished you could achieve. Give yourself a treat and allow yourself to experience the cool breeze of Boracay’s winds from atop the mountains of this beautiful island. Once you have done it, you will know that Tirta SPA was definitely your fast pass to paradise.

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