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Stand Up Paddle Surfing - Boracay

Stand up paddle surfing, also known as “Beach Boy surfing”, began in Hawaii many years ago and has now swept through Boracay in recent years with a renewed enthusiasm. This is an ancient form of surfing that was taken up by the famous Beach Boys of the 1960’s has now become an emerging global sport in the modern era.

Generally speaking, the activity involves a long surfboard that sits still on the surface of the water. The athlete simply stands still and holds a paddle at his or her side, slowly paddling the board along while remaining in the standing position and enjoying the scenery. The sport is said to benefit athletes who have a strong ‘core’ in their workout because it requires a combined sense of balance and an endurance to continue paddling with the arms. In essence, the whole body is working together to maintain balance and movement at the same time. It has become very popular in the warm coastal climates and, with various celebrities sampling the sport, it has also picked up amongst tourists and athletes.

Another reason for the rise in paddle surfing popularity is that the sport is very easy to learn. Just grab a board and a paddle and get out there! Stand up on the board and start paddling! Within one hour, many people become quite adept at the maneuver and find themselves doing it everyday for exercise and relaxation. Stand up paddleboarding is also extremely popular with women because their lower center of gravity makes them better at balancing and using their arms in the beginning. Men may take a bit longer to learn the ropes but this is something that anyone can enjoy and soon become skilled at. Next time you are looking for a relaxing activity in Boracay, look into paddle surfing to give you all the fun you were looking for.

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