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Boracay Island is consistently voted as one of the best scuba diving locations in the world. Dive centers all over the island offer diving trips to some of the most difficult and top rated sites known to man. These sites include such great names as the Sibuyan Sea, Romblon, Tablas, and Semirara. In fact, there is so much rich and diverse marine life in Boracay that you really don’t need a boat to simply swim out near some of the beaches and see the underwater miracle taking place all around you.

For the more serious divers, one of the popular scuba sites around Boracay is Friday’s Rock. It is often a popular destination for divers and has been used as a location for various films about diving and underwater exploration. Located on Boracay’s western shore, divers often flock to this site to see the brilliantly colored corals, gorgeous blue tangs, amazing butterfly fish, and frightening stingrays and snappers. When visiting Friday’s rock, you can be sure to see a myriad of wildlife hiding under the rocks, in between the crevices and around the hard and soft corals of this site. You may even encounter an amazing scorpion fish or one of the rare lion fishes that lurk beneath the surface.

Two other notable dive sites in Boracay are Punta One and Punta Two. Punta One is a shallow drop off of about 24 meters where intermediate divers are often known to visit early on and Punta Two is a deeper drop off that begins at about 30 meters and continues down to about 50 meters deeper beneath the surface. These two spots contain numerous species of angel fish, tuna, trigger fish, sweet-lips, and even the occasional barracuda and reef shark. Advanced divers often choose Punta Two but both sites can present their dangers and should be approached with caution.

The northern tip of Boracay is also known as Yapak and there is a dive famous spot here which starts at about 30 meters and descends to a harrowing 60 meters. The undercurrent in Yapak can get pretty strong so it is often recommended only to the more advanced divers who are happy to encounter the larger pelagic fishes around the island as well as various species of sharks and even the occasional giant manta ray.

Cave diving is another great pastime in Boracay and dive sites such as Cathedral Cave, Buruanga, Black Rock and Dog Drift all attract many divers each year. You simply can’t get enough of all the diving Boracay has to offer and you will likely find yourself bunking down for weeks at a time or returning again and again to get a full taste of everything this island has to offer. With so many choices on this exotic paradise, it no wonder Boracay is consistently rated as one of the best scuba diving sites in the world.

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