Parasailing Boracay

Perhaps the most awe-inspiring of all the activities you will see in Boracay is parasailing. Tourists gaze out from the beaches and see these enormous parachutes hovering above the water each day and there are those tiny people being pulled through the air by a tiny boat beneath. The cost is right around 1200 pesos and, if you don’t have the courage for parasailing, don’t give up too soon! Many hesitant tourists have gotten the courage to try this fifteen minutes of fame after they find out they can do it with a partner, You can ride with either your significant other or a trained guide and the memory will last forever.
The feeling of hovering above the water at such a great height while attached by a harness is indescribable. The parasail is towed along by a speed boat on the water below and the view from above is extraordinary. For first-timers, it may take a few minutes before you really enjoy the scenery because you will have to battle your fears. Your significant other or the guide may be the one to help you overcome things. If you can get up the courage yourself, you won’t need anyone and you can brag for the rest of your life that you met this great challenge.

Whether you face this challenge together or separate, the rewards for tourists are something they remember for a lifetime. Relax and bask in the wonder of the amazing scenery, hovering above Boracay, and see from a bird’s eye view what nobody else will be able to understand. “I was one of those people out there!” you will likely tell the passerby’s who gaze out over the horizon and see the beautiful parasailers hovering above the water. “I was one of them and it was great!”

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