Mount Luho


Mount Luho - Boracay

Mt Luho is the highest point on Boracay island and the walk to the top is full of surprises. Tourists typically ask a tricycle driver to take them to Mt Luho and they are dropped off about 200 meters from the top where the remaining distance must be covered on foot. This is just when the adventure begins as they soon encounter everything from a wild monkey waiting to be fed, to the Philippine Eagle safely at home in a makeshift zoo. Everything here is hand made and designed by the locals who reside near the peak. Be ready for a crash course in Filipino hospitality as well as the area is decorated with strange signs and unorthodox oddities along the way.

The staircase near the top of Mt. Luho has been fashioned out of bamboo and there is a concrete view deck at the very top. A friendly Filipino will be waiting to help you snap a photo of you and your sweetheart as you look out over the entire island of Boracay with pride. Try to visit during a time that won’t be too crowded as this deck and petting zoo can get pretty crowded at the wrong times. There is also a small fee of 50 pesos at the deck. This is required when you get to the top but the enjoyment you will get from feeding the animals or even riding on the zip line will be well worth this small fee.

All in all, Mt. Luho is a great way to simply see the island from a bird’s eye view and get a good photograph to show your friends what Boracay looks like from the top. The very small zoo really only has a few birds, snakes, and a monkey but they can also make for a few interesting photos as well. If you want to make it even more fun, try renting an ATV and driving to the drop-off point on your own. This is also a popular way to visit the peak. Whatever you choose, you will be glad you visited Mt. Luho and got to see the panoramic view of Boracay’s gorgeous paradise.

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