Kiteboarding - Boracay

Kiteboarding is likely to be Boracay’s most popular watersport. Tourists from all over the world descend on this island as a kiteboarding hotspot each year. The popularity of the sport is immediately apparent when you first visit the beach and see the many kiteboarders moving back and forth along the coastline. Their large and colorful kites glide above the shoreline and pull the courageous adventurers across the water on their small surfboards. Leaping from the surface of the water, they perform spectacular stunts and wow the spectators with their skills.

November through March is the popular season known as ‘Habagat’ where kiteboarders swarm to the quiet side of Boracay island known as Bulabog Beach. The remainder of the year also has its attractive winds and this is known as ‘Amihan.’ At this time, kiteboarders simply move to the other side of the island, or what is known as White Beach, where the busy tourists reside and act as their spectators.

If you’re a seasoned kiteboarder you can plan a weeks getaway and compete in several events like the Neil Pryde Boracay International Funboard Cup or many other yearly competitions. If you are only a beginner, you might even rent a small room on the island and begin your kiteboarding lessons at the many local centers near Bulabog and White Beach. Freestyle Academy Kitesurf Center and Hangin Kite Center are only two of many shops on these beachs that can serve your kiteboarding needs at a very low price.

Who knows, maybe when you finally see what Boracay has to offer, you will soon decide to set up your own school on the island and leave the rest of the world behind. Boracay has a way of stealing you away on a breeze and leaving the world behind. You may soon discover, in Boracay, that you never want to leave this paradise island again.

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