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Jet Skiing - Boracay

Jet skiing is one of the most exciting activities in Boracay. Tourists typically arrange for 30-60 minutes on a jet ski and leave right from the beach in a small speed boat out to a nearby float where the jet ski is set. This is usually just a two minute boat ride not more than two kilometers from White Beach. The truth is that there is nothing like being on a jet ski in Boracay because the fast pace of the engine makes it seem like you are literally flying across the waves. A simple half hour ride seems to go by very quickly so think twice before you settle for one of the shorter 10 or 15 minute rounds.

Jet skiing in Boracay has also changed a lot over the past few years. Now there are experienced guides that assist the riders with specific instructions for operation and have the requirement that you wear a life vest. These guides are very insistent about what you can and can’t do because they have learned the best safety techniques to help you avoid an accident. Just make sure your life vest is snug before you start the engine and don’t engage the throttle too quickly on your first run. Make sure both your hands are on the handlebars and then you are ready to go!

Foreigners no longer have to worry since every guide is fluent in English and always very hospitable. They will typically accompany you on an initial first round and then, on your second trip, you can go it alone! The price range for Boracay jet skiing is usually between 500 and 1000 pesos for a 30 minute ride. A 60 minute ride typically costs between 1500 to 2000 pesos. Costs can vary depending on the season so try to get there as early as August or September if you want to beat the busy season. During peak season, October-May, the costs are likely to be much higher. Boracay jet skiing is one of the most exciting things you can do while you are visiting this paradise island so don’t miss out on the chance of a lifetime.

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