Island Hopping


Island Hopping - Boracay

Tourists who visit Boracay are inevitably approached by many eager vendors who trek up and down White beach each day asking again and again “Island hopping sir?” The fact is, this is one of the best daytime activities you can enjoy while you are visiting Boracay. The island is surrounded by many other wonderful islands that are less populated and more pristine in their natural surroundings. In fact, you can spend your entire day visiting these islands and you won’t have seen everything there is to see. Take that vendor up on his idea! You aren’t going to be disappointed.

One of the most critical things you need to enjoy your island hopping experience is some snorkeling gear. The boats that take you island hopping will often stop in the middle of a specific spot in the ocean and tourists can always take advantage of the amazing snorkeling and even scuba diving. The banka boats can typically accommodate from 5-10 people but some of them are big enough to carry 30 or more.

Try your hand at snorkeling around Crocodile Island or even Chrystal Cove. The first stop is only 15 minutes away from Boracay and you can explore some amazing marine life under the clear blue ocean. The next stop is Crystal Cove with its amazing caves that tourists can literally climb into and see where they open up deep under the ocean. There are nature trails and even a restaurant here in case you get hungry. After you have had your fill, it will be time to head back to the main island and take a long nap before you head out to tell all your friends what an amazing day you had while island hopping. Take that eager vendor up on his offer when you first hear those words he is going to ask you. “Island hopping sir?” You won’t be disappointed that you took him up on his offer and your vacation is definitely going to be a lot more memorable because of it.

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