Crocodile Island


Crocodile Island - Boracay

One of the most popular boat rides from Boracay’s White Beach is only twenty minutes off the coast and is famously known as Crocodile Island. This is a small uninhabited island off the southern point of Boracay that many diving enthusiasts consider to be among the best dive points in the area. It is so named for its resemblance to the head of a crocodile when viewed from afar. Rest assured, a diving or snorkeling trip to Crocodile Island is bound to be a real adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

Crocodile Island is plentiful with unspoiled marine life. You don’t need a lot of complicated diving equipment to see some amazing sights either. This is because some simple snorkeling will provide you with an experience that will be well worth your time. There is a breath-taking collection of coral, starfish right beneath the surface. Then there is a wide selection of fish like the nudibranch, cuttle fish, lion fish, and scorpion fish. You may even see the moray eel or a sea snake out here and a lot more underwater surprises. Their wonderful hues and colors will make for some amazing photographs to send back to your friends and family.

The amazing corals on the ocean bed add to the experience because they are so big and colorful. You will definitely be mesmerized by the crystal clear waters and the plentiful marine life. Make sure to bring an underwater camera so you can capture everything on film. Then you can show your friends, while you were staying in Boracay, you took the time to experience snorkeling at Crocodile Island. This activity will be sure to be the highlight of your stay in this beautiful paradise.

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