Bulabog Beach


Bulabog Beach - Boracay

Bulabog Beach is a 2.5 km beach on the opposite side of Boracay from White Beach. The beach is relatively deserted except for a few small shops devited to kiteboarding and windsurfing enthusiasts. Bulabog beach is actually the home of much of the windsurfing and kite boarding championship competitions. It is only a 10 minute walk from D’Mall and 15 minutes to White Beach. There are also the occasional jet ski, parasailing and boating trips that can be arranged on Bulabog beach as well as a few resorts. Generally speaking, the Boracay hotels here are quieter than those on White Beach unless there is a large competition taking place. Then Bulabog takes on a whole new look and becomes what many enthusiasts now call the “Number One kite boarding beach in Asia.”

If you are considering an extended stay on Bulabog Beach, you might consider one of the many quiet resorts on that side of Boracay. Seven Stones is one of the nicest resorts on Bulabog and centrally located for your convenience. Another popular resort there is the Blue Bayou Resort which is like the standard bungalow hut type resort that you can find on this side of the island. Boracay Water World is also popular and one of the quieter sections on the entire island. Cohiba Villas are condo units on the beachfront and Habagat Kite Village is situated right in the heart of Bulabog Beach. Don’t forget Lazy Dog Boracay which is a great bed and breakfast resort on the island or Lingganay Hotel Resort which is one of the exclusive full service class hotels. Finally, if you are looking to go the cheapest accommodations that Bulabog beach has to offer, check out Banana Saging which means “Banana Banana” in the native language. This is a native treehouse resort with only the barest of amenities. You can tell your friends back home that you truly lived like a Filpino on Bulabog Beach and now you can truly say you are a native inhabitant yourself.

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