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Banana Boating - Boracay

One of the most popular activities on Boracay Island is riding the banana boat. These boats are found all around the island but most notably on White beach. The banana boat is an inflatable raft shaped like a banana and it is usually orange and yellow, varying in size to carry anywhere from 6 to ten people at a time. The adventurers climb on board and hold on to the safety grips while a motorized boat pulls the raft behind it. There are long tubes on the side of the boat where riders can place their feet and these tubes are also used to keep the raft stable. Some models now have dual tubes along each side and some only have singles.

The banana boat ride looks quite scary from the beach and visitors often tell many harrowing tales of how they felt almost sure they were going to be thrown from the raft when it lifted up in the air. It seemed to almost take off from the surface of the water like it was going to turn into a parasailing event!. The rapid pace that the banana boat is towed also makes for a fantastic thrill and it is often compared to the thrill of a jet ski. Take away the dangers of a motorized vehicle with the banana boat and you will quickly see how many tourists prefer this type of thrill to a jet ski which is both more expensive and more dangerous.

Banana boating is actually a great family activity because you can all ride together and kids are just as welcome as adults. Many other water sports have age and height requirements but banana boating is something the whole family can enjoy. At 200 pesos per individual for 15 to 20 minutes, this is a great way to say that you did something extraordinary while you were visiting Boracay. For those who really love this activity, banana boats are available for all day rates and even into the late hours of the night. Riding the banana boat is one of the safest of all water sports in Boracay so give this activity a long consideration before you finish your adventures in Boracay.

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