Ariel’s Point


Ariel's Point - Boracay

Ariel’s Point is a hotspot just next to Boracay Island and only a short boat ride away. If you want to get a bird’s eye view of Boracay as you travel around the island, take this 30 minute ride from Station 1, on an outrigger boat, to Ariel’s Point. The trip allows you to enjoy an array of activities including cliff diving, snorkeling, and paddling amongst volcanic caves, mangrove forests, turquoise coves, and remote beaches.

Visitors can ask a local Filipino how to find the main office for these tickets by asking “How do I get to Cocomangas Bar?” They will point the way to the main road down the center of Boracay Island and the ticket office is located in the Boracay Beach Club, only two buildings down from Cocomangas. If you want to walk along White Beach, you can also get there by stopping at Gilligan’s restaurant at Station 1 and then turning inland to find the main road. Make sure and get there before 11 AM on the day of your departure to get a ticket for the trip. The cost is 1200 Pesos or $US28. It’s a steal when you consider the round-trip boat transfer, BBQ buffet, unlimited bottled water, beer, soda, and rum, along with cliff diving, snorkeling, and paddling.

Recent guests have included the gorgeous models from the Miss Earth competition which was televised live from Boracay Island. Another famous visitor was the Hollywood actor Michael Madsen. Whether you choose to leap off a cliff, paddle in a native canoe, or snorkel along a sandy beach, your trip to Ariel’s Point will transform the ordinary Boracay vacation into an unforgettable experience. This is definitely a daytime activity not to be missed!

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